What got me into Programming

Ever since I was young, I was interested in computers just because they were fun and interesting.

How it began

The first interaction I can remember, was when my mother said to log into her laptop when I was around 6 or 7.
She told me to type in her password and "Enter" and I did not know that there was an actual Enter key.
So I basically typed in "Enter" key by key and was confused to no end. Somehow that first experience got me thinking about computers and getting into Minecraft.

What continued

After that, I just used my old Acer laptop alot and I still own it to this day.
I did all kinds of stuff on it and just had my fun.
When I first wanted to start programming, I tried to use Java, but I just could not figure out that the print line function had an "L" in it and instead typed an "I" into it.
I literally gave up and then tried again one year later with Python, where I had a lot of fun.


Then, I got into HTBLA Kaindorf and started with C in my first year.
After this first year, we are now programming various things (private repository at the moment :( ) with Java.

Free Time

My interest in informatics was just there and I don't think that there was any changing moment.
I just tried a out a lot of stuff and kinda rolled along with it. I do a lot of web dev and sometimes try out other stuff like Golang.