About Me

Thank you for trying to find out more about me!

I am a 21-year old Smallworld developer and voluntary paramedic from Austria. I studied Informatics at HTBLA Kaindorf and below you'll find out a lot of stuff about me


I like to think that I have got some good skills under my belt. Here are some of them!

I have..
  • programmed in various languages like TypeScript, Go, Java and more!
  • a love for making my code efficient and documenting it
  • good communication skills when working in a team
  • a love for designing stuff
  • the ability to adapt to situations

What got me into Informatics

Ever since I was young, I was interested in computers just because they were fun.

The first interaction I can remember, was when my mother said to log into her laptop when I was around 6 or 7.
She told me to type in her password and "Enter" and I did not understand that there was an actual Enter key.
So I basically typed in "Enter" key by key and was confused to no end. Somehow that first experience got me thinking about computers and getting into Minecraft.

find out more about my adventure!


I am a pretty diverse person when it comes to hobbies/areas of interest.
I read, watch or listen to a lot of stuff. The topics range from philosophical questions to the latest news about technology.


I like playing soccer, ultimate frisbee or the casual volleyball game.
In terms of workouts, I sometimes do them, but in the last few months, I was not really motivated to do so.
Another "sporty" thing I like to do, is driving my longboard. I really love it and it is most fun when I ride with my friends.


Of course, I like playing video games too.
Some of my favorite games are the Fallout games, CS:GO, Rocket League and some Indie games like Hacknet or Orwell

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