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This is my repository where my AutoHotkey scripts are.

Why do I have them?

My main reason of having such scripts is, that I want to be more productive when I'm using Windows. The other one is that I need shortcuts for the German umlaute (ü, ä, ö), since I bought a new keyboard (Keychron K2 RGB) which has the US layout. I personally like it more because of easier key placements for programming.

The other thing is, that AutoHotkey is very useful in general because you can do pretty much anything as long as you have a keyboard shortcut free.


This time, the how is not that exciting :). This "project" is basically just me writing a shortcut or hotsring everytime I need one. In terms of learning the AHK scripting language, their documentation is really good in my opinion. Everytime you forget something, or when you want to find out if there is a function that you need, their search really helps.


I know this post was a very short one, but I really wanted to write about AutoHotkey since I appreciate the work behind making such an powerful tool and I think it deserves a lot more attention.

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