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This branch is basically all my projects that I did with Java in my Programming class (POS), while in third grade of my school. The image you see above is from the project SchoolDB, where we managed students.

Github Branch -> This repo is offline because people from my school were copying my projects and handing them in. 😅


I needed a good way of managing my growing source code when doing the tasks from school. The other part, which I found very pleasant, was that I could now share my code more easily between my laptop and PC.


All the projects you see are basically what I learnt during the year.

The specific years are listed in the different branches so I don't have to manage multiple repositories.

What is the content

At the time of writing this, I am in the third school year.

In this year we did a lot of work regarding multiple important aspects of programming with Java.


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In the first semester, we did a lot with Android. We learned how to make a Android apps with a lot of the different building blocks that are available out of the box.

The main topics we covered were:

  • Basic layouting (LinearLayout) and modifying data
  • More complex layouts (RelativeLayout)
  • the use of lists through the RecyclerView
  • how to move between Activities with the use of Intents


During the transition from the first semester to the second semester, we had some periods with Threads in Java. We also solved some ProjectEuler problems with Threads.

Here the main aspects were:

  • how to create threads
  • how to manage them in a ExecutorService & ExecutorCompletionService
  • how to "synchronize" them with the synchronized block


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After using Threads, we switched to using JDBC with PostgreSQL. We did not use any framework like Hibernate. We had some fun projects here like managing a database of employees

What we did:

  • How to connect to the database and use the right database driver
  • how to build a good structure for accesing the database
  • the use of PreparedStatements
  • I also splitted the SQL statements for the PreparedStatements into seperate files and had a structured way of loading them


This year's programming tasks were fun most of the time, but I still like languages like TypeScript or Golang more than Java.

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