Image for project POS 2020/21

This post is about my fourth year of my Programming class (POS). The image above is from JAXB_OpenWeatherMap, a project which fetches XML data from the OpenWeatherMap API and displays it.

Github repo -> This repo is offline because people from my school were copying my projects and handing them in. 😅


This is for managing my source code when coding our tasks and also so that I can share the code between my Laptop & PC or Windows & Linux on the same system.


The projects show what I learned during the year.

The different grades/years are split up into multiple branches, so I do not have to manage multiple repositories.


This year we focused on web applications.

Web Apps

We started off with an introduction to web applications with Java Servlets. After that, we learned about using JSPs and the JSTL core library to make dynamic pages way easier than the manual way.

The main topics we covered were:

  • using cookies to save language selections
  • Java Servlets
  • JSPs (Java/Jakarta Server Pages) + JSTL Core
  • using lombok for less manual Java code for data classes
  • parsing/creating JSON manually and with Jackson
  • parsing/creating XML data manually and with JAXB


I probably spent way too much time on the different projects, but I just love CSS for designing websites and always want them to look as good as possible. This applies especially when I have a lot of ideas.

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